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B-Unplastic comes from the desire of a couple of nurses to change the world for the better. We are Cátia and Salvatore and the smallest member of the family is called Samuel! Our lives are full of adventures, so much that when we speak of today we make people smile: a Portuguese woman and an Italian man who live in Germany and work in Switzerland! Intriguing, no? But these are just details so you know us better.


The search for a more sustainable, simple, dedicated life in harmony with nature has always been our concern, but it is time to take action! Perhaps because we have become parents and want to leave a better legacy for our son, our connection to the sea, contact with diverse cultures or the awareness that the news are indeed scary and  we are collaborating for the world’s destruction. We know that natural resources are running out fast, we are talking about food waste, global warming, the threat of plastic, poaching and fishing and so much more ... We feel that we should radically change our way of thinking and gradually internalizing new routines.


A few months ago we started a new family lifestyle, seeking to reduce our ecological footprint, produce less waste, approach Zero Waste, reduce drastically the purchase of packaged products and we could not be more enthusiastic about these changes . In this new chapter of our lives we seek to find products that serve us as alternatives to plastics and packaging and we are starting now with the launch of our online store. We thought about creating the online store to allow others to follow the same steps as us faster and more efficiently, placing at your disposal both products and articles that allow you to more easily make positive changes in your lifestyles!

We want to interact with you, share experiences and emotions!

We are involving family, friends and strangers and we are returning to social networks, our purpose is to show that there are alternatives and that where there is will, everything can be achieved! Everything is possible!


The truth is that we believe we can change the world! That is what moves us and motivates us, it is this goal that makes us happy, entertains us and brings us to you!

We want to get you involved and inspire you! We want you to be part of this team and we want to learn so much from you!

Welcome to the world of B-Unplastic!