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Biok is a completely ecological deodorant. It comes without packaging in a recyclable cork casing and is therefore completely plastic-free. Its natural mineral stone impresses with its longevity.


Deo Stick Potassium Crystal

  • The purifying agent of Biork Mineral Deo is a potassium crystal, also called alum. This high-quality natural product comes from Europe. Biork does not contain any harmful aluminium chlorides. The ingredients come from controlled and certified cultivation and are dermatologically tested to prevent skin irritations. Biork dispense with animal testing in the development and production of this deo. 



  • The case and the holder of Biork deodorant are made of cork from Portugal. Thanks to its flexible nature, it adapts perfectly to the crystal and protects it. Cork is a renewable raw material. It is easy to recycle and is recommended by nature conservation organisations. For example, the WWF has set up a special programme for cork forests because they bind large quantities of CO2.