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New with organic oils!


This soap with its fresh scent of verbena will give you new energy. The poppy seeds contained therein act as a gentle exfoliant to gently remove the dead skin cells. The essential oils have an invigorating and circulation-promoting effect. The green clay has an antiseptic effect and also increases the blood circulation of the skin. Good for normal to oily skin. Helpful in the care of inflammatory skin, such as acne.

Nelumbo Peeling Soap - Verbena

  • Inhaltsstoffe (Ingredients): Olivenöl *(Olea europea fruit oil), energetisiertes Wasser (Aqua), Kokosnussöl* (Cocos nucifera seed oil), NaOH (Sodium hydroxide), Mohnsamen (Papaver somniferum seed), grüne Tonerde (Illite), ätherische Duftmischung (Parfum: Citral,Geraniol, Citronellol), Stearinsäure (Stearic acid)