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Our environment is beautiful. Who looks at it in all its facets must come to the conclusion that re- sponsibility and beauty do not exclude each other. Our sustainable toothbrush does not only look ex- tremely good, but is also good for your “plasticar- ian” footprint. The handle is made of fast-growing bamboo and the bristles are made out of castor oil – so you can dispose of this BPA-free, 100% vegan toothbrush without having a bad conscience.

The handles of our sustainable tooth- brushes are coloured using solvent-free

AURO paints. AURO has been the market leader in the segment of natural paints for over 30 years
in the German-speaking market comprising Germany, Austria

and Switzerland. Based on a consistent selection of biodegradable raw materials, the paints are environmentally friendly and do not contain any synthetic materi- als. They are safety-tested and also certified according to the EU standards DIN 53160 (resistant to sweat and saliva) and DIN EN 73.1 (paints suitable for toys).

Sustainable Toothbrush